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In 1999, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Gardella brothers founded the Dance Company called “LOS POTROS MALAMBO” as a family project, with the idea of bringing to life the choreographic creations they had in their minds.

They have worked hard to find their path, always seeking their own style. As they performed on different stages, they shaped the final project and became the most important Malambo and Folklore company in the country.

This group of great artists has a characteristic style where strength and expressiveness, as well as technique and choreographic richness, come together wonderfully to create a unique show.

In 2012, they were selected to participate in the American reality show “Q’Viva: The Chosen,” with Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, and Jamie King as judges.

After several performances in Los Angeles (USA), the group reached the grand final, being the only South American ensemble to make it that far.

They were also finalists in the Argentine version of the reality show “Got Talent,” known in the country as “Talento Argentino”, and choreographers of the TV program “Argentina Baila” that is aired by Televisión Pública.

Los Potros stand out in the cultural scene for their active participation in television media, cultural programs, shows, festivals, and have been featured in national newspapers and magazines.

The quality of this group’s art is of such magnitude that in 2017, they were part of the 30th-anniversary spot for Greenpeace Argentina with the slogan: “Revolution is achieved by defending what is ours!”

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About the show

“Pulsaciones de Nuestra Tierra”, is the most recent creation of Los Potros Malambo, and it is a true reflection of the growth and professionalism that the company has achieved, as well as the creativity of the Gardella brothers as choreographers.

The energy that emanates from the ensemble of 12 dancers, accompanied by live musicians, creates a striking effect. The passion they convey, their charisma, and their body language come together to form a whole that goes beyond classical folklore and malambo.

Without losing their roots, they enrich them with a well-balanced combination of movements drawn from contemporary dance and even some touches of tango. All of this transforms this show into a visual and musical delight for the audience.


The group is currently on tour in Chile, actively participating in the Pastelito y Tachuela Chico Circus at the Florida Center Mall.

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