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Isaac Gardella

Artistic Director - Choreographer and Dancer

They were born in Argentina in 1990 and began their dance studies at a very young age, learning Malambo and Folk Dances from great masters. In fact, their biggest inspiration has been their brother, Javier.

As his technique and artistry improved, he participated in all the national folk festivals, such as the Cosquin Festivals, Torneos Bonaerenses, Danza Americana, among others of renown. This is how he won numerous awards and mentions, being recognized both by his fellow dancers and by the judges. Each of these competitions encouraged him to continue growing on the chosen path. It is worth noting that, he made his artistic debut in a competition at the age of 4!

In pursuit of their vision, they, together with their brother, created “Los Potros Malambo – Compañía de Danza” with which they began to venture into choreographic creations of their own style for their dancers, shaping the distinctive artistic expression that stands out in their art today.

Simultaneously, the company was invited to participate in various shows and embarked on international tours across Europe, Asia, and the United States of America, where the audience always responded with a standing ovation.

In 2014, they were part of the show “Signum” at the “El Nacional” theater on Avenida Corrientes, alongside Hernán Piquín. The production was directed by Sean Mckeown, who is also the director of Cirque du Soleil.

Following their success, in 2015, they traveled on tour to China and Russia with the Tango Company Mora Godoy, where they played a significant role in the “Bailando Tango” show.

Likewise, in 2016, they landed in Qatar. That same summer, during the summer season in Mar del Plata, they received 2 nominations for the “Estrellas de Mar” Awards for Best Dance Show and Best Choreographic Show.

Javier Gardella

Artistic Director - Choreographer and Dancer

Born in Argentina in 1979, they began their dance studies at the age of 3. They ventured into Folk Dance, Malambo, and Flamenco. Simultaneously, they learned to play the bombo and other percussion instruments.

Their artistic inclinations were evident from their early years. Together with their family, they created Potro Ballet, where their career began. In 1999, they participated in the “Festival de Cosquín,” the most important national stage for folk dancers and musicians. They won first prize in their category that year and also triumphed at the “Festival Folclórico de Laborde.”

By 2015, they and their brother were shaping “Latidos de la Tierra,” a show that would receive nominations and awards for its dance and choreography.

In 2016, with the new production “Pura Sangre,” a show that continues to receive excellent reviews to this day, Javier was invited in November of the same year to participate as a choreographer and coach on the national reality show “Argentina Baila.”

Javier is currently one of the leading coaches and referents in the Argentine national industry of folklore and artistic dance.

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Pura Sangre

The show is a powerful demonstration of the professional evolution of Northern Malambo, blending seamlessly with other contemporary dance languages.

Using simple stage resources and elements, interweaving choreographic figures in perfect harmony, the Gardella brothers present a proposal of diverse nuances, always accompanied by a quintet of excellent live musicians.

Artistic and Technical Credits: 

Artistic and Choreographic Direction: Javier Gardella – Isaac Gardella 

Dance Troupe: Javier Gardella, Isaac Gardella, Franco Godoy, María Luz Fernández Luciano Tapia, Arturo Molina Campos, Gastón Godoy, Ivan Sotelos.

Live Musicians: Lucas Daniel Muñoz (percussion), Oscar Orlando Ojeda (guitar), Rolando Omar Pacheco (guitar), Pablo Javier Zacarías (guitar), Ariel Felipe Romano (violin).

Stage Direction and Dramaturgy: Ignacio González Cano

Production Assistant: Cintia Carrizo

Technical and Executive Production: Cristian Tateossian

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